NeurOK Software is a high-performance, computational mathematics company.  We have assembled a world-class team of professional mathematicians, physicists, machine-learning experts and computer scientists that specialize in developing innovative, new solutions to existing problems where current methods and tools are not getting the job done.

Our team takes the time to understand the challenges our customers face, both from a technological perspective and also from a practical deployment perspective.  By understanding the fundamental mathematics of a problem, we can develop new algorithms and new methods that can fundamentally transform a computational intensive application.

But new methods must also be realistic from a technical and business perspective.  We’ve lived through the challenges of making cutting-edge technologies work in real-world deployments and we leverage that experience to practical solutions our customer can actually use.

To help customers overcome their computational challenges, we offer the following services:

System Profiling and Performance Tuning

Do you have an existing numerical analysis application that no longer meets your performance requirements?  Our team can perform an audit of the computational stages and deliver a report answering the following questions:

  • Does the initial data contain the necessary information to allow the system to work efficiently and with the required accuracy?
  • Are there changes, even small ones, which can be made to the system workflow to increase the systems’ effectiveness?
  • Where are the performance bottlenecks, which stages of analysis are causing the greatest problem, and what steps can be taken to increase overall performance?

System Architecture Consulting

Getting the right architecture is critical to the success of any software design project.  Many questions need to be answered upfront before the design effort ever begins especially if new approaches, such as machine learning technologies, are being introduced.

Our team has years of valuable experience in how to implement and deploy new cutting-edge mathematical techniques, machine learning technologies and intelligent algorithms, and we understand how these technologies can impact overall system architecture. 

By working together at the beginning of a new design project, we can help customer make critical decisions on system features and specifications, and determine what types of analysis technologies are most appropriate.

Custom Algorithm Design & Application Development

NeurOK Software is primarily a custom development firm.  We specialize in creating custom algorithms to solve specific computational problems and then implementing those algorithms in highly efficient code.

We have decades of experience in creating custom algorithms and applications in numerous disciplines:

  • Numerical linear algebra
  • Numerical solution of PDEs
  • Computational geometry
  • Mathematical programming
  • Optimization and control
  • Applied probability theory and statistics
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Data/text mining and knowledge discovery
  • Digital signal processing and pattern recognition

In addition, we have a wide variety of data preparation, analysis and visualization tools available today that are quickly adaptable to many numerical analysis requirements and allow for rapid development of new solutions. 

No design effort is complete until the system has been deployed and tested in the field.  Our support engineers, and the full team, have extensive experience in the real-world issues of deploying numerical analysis applications, especially in mission-critical monitoring and control environments, and we will be there throughout the process to ensure a successful deployment.

And finally, with on-going support from NeurOK Software, customers can be assured that their systems will stay up to date with the latest technologies and analysis techniques.

NeurOK Software Services